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Millennium’s End

Posted on the January 1st, 1998 under Software by

Millennium’s End was a game whose engine I co-developed with John Isidoro, Dan Baker and Jef Considine in Watcom C++.  I developed the following features:

  • A 256-color VESA-based graphics library for sprites and animations.
  • An audio system including a MOD-based music playback module with up to 16 channels of sound (4 for music, the rest were mixed sound effects).
  • A finite-state machine-based fighting game engine a la Street Fighter 2.
  • Fast collision detection and vector-based physics.
  • Keyboard handlers including “special moves,” i.e. sequences of keyboard presses that would cause the fighter character to execute a complex fighting move..

I also contributed to 3D parallax of the background and palette matching for shadows (coded by Jef), and the vector field-based particle system (coded by Dan), and a compressed image library for images whose transparent pixels were RLE-encoded (coded by John).  The game development stalled because we had a difficulty locating art designers;  however, we briefly experimented with FMV motion capture using Alex Vlachos, who had to fight himself in the beta code.  Here are some of the hilarious screenshots of Alex fighting Alex:

Millennium's End screenshot

One of the stage backgrounds and the game UI

Millennium's End, screenshot two

The beginnings of a beautiful kick

Millennium's End, screenshot three

Alex kicking himself in the head. Note the "rage bar" replenishing on the bottom of the screen.

Millennium's End, screenshot four

The kick reaction, pushback, and the resulting particles

Millennium's End, screenshot one

A crouching kick, blocked