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Multi-Version B-Tree

Posted on the May 25th, 2000 under Classwork by

This was our final project in “Advanced Topics in Database Research” class by Prof. George Kollios.  It’s an implementation and evaluation of an temporally indexed data structure by yours truly and Dima Zavin.  I recall hacking it together in six days and two nights; we also made an awesome automated testing harness and a mysql-like command-line interface.

I am not sure if the version below was the final version or if includes all the utilities, so use at your own risk.  Note that the code is not thread-safe and there is some kind of a cludgy main memory cache for tree nodes that relies on smart pointers that can be improved.

Our PPT slides about MVBT

Short project writeup

Source code (see README)

The Club of Jolly and Resourceful (2000 season)

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I will refer the uninitiated to my description of the competitive comedy theater russians call КВН in my original post in this category.  In this post, I would simply like to remind everyone that the BU team kicked major butt in 2000 and won the first place in the American league.  We played against two other teams:  “Olympic” of New York and “Pirates” from Seattle. See the jubilant photos below.

I actually uploaded the video of our entire final game to YouTube,  and you can see the whole series in 10-minute intervals by clicking here:  American League КВН, final game of 2000

Introducing ourselves to the audience

Celebrating our awards onstage

Granma, Red Riding Hood, and the Wolf

Misha gets force-fed by his mom

How about that eggplant salad, folks?

Ad for the game in the local Russian periodical