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CS101: Introduction to Computer Science

Posted on the May 15th, 2001 under Teaching by

In the Spring semester of 2001, I lectured an introductory course in Computer Science at Boston University.  The class was a part of BU’s “Core Curriculum,” meaning that students from all majors may choose to take this class to fulfill the science requirement.   The class size was about 80 people, with a healthy representation of students in social sciences, communication, and art.  Another section of this class was also taught during this semester by Tom Florio, one of my graduate student friends from the CS department.

I wish I still had the course website with all the materials I prepared for the class, but I no longer have them and will have to make do with an overview.  I appreciated the freedom to develop my our curriculum and homework assignments.  It included:  history and overview of “modern” computing architectures, computer hardware and software, advanced Microsoft Office techniques, computer networks and the Internet architecture, website design and HTML, algorithms and programs, and programming in Tcl.  The last part, Tcl programming, was a rather tough nut to crack for some in the class with no prior software development experience, but for some people it was a rather eye-opening experience.