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RON Simulator in NS

Posted on the November 11th, 2001 under Classwork by

This was a class project for the graduate Computer Networks class at MIT, taught by my advisor, Prof. Hari Balakrishnan. Working with Todd Nightingale, I integrated Dave Andersen’s Resilient Overlay Network codebase in C++ with the NS-2 network simulator. The RON codebase was fully usable from the NS-2 Tcl scripts, and users could deploy RON nodes alongside regular network nodes, and watch them react to network failures and outages in the “nim” visualization utility.

While working on this project, I also did a thorough code review of RON and fixed a bunch of bugs (which there weren’t many). In fact, our simulation framework actually revealed a pretty serious flaw which resulted in RON not switching network paths when encountering a failure. I think Dave did a whole lot of work on RON after that, so it is likely that his most recent version is a lot more advanced than this snapshot.

Source code RON+NS