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Wide-Area Network Visualization

Posted on the December 13th, 2001 under Software by

RonViz was a tool that I developed to show off Dave Andersen’s Resilient Overlay Networks (RONs) at an NSF grant conference. I used Perl/Tk to develop a portable version of the Network Operations Control, showing the map of the whole world, the RON server nodes at the coordinates where they were installed, and the real-time interactive forwarding graphs of all the nodes in the RON.  The user could, for example, click on any two nodes to see the visualization of the network paths and conditions between them. This visualization software ran a server that accepted live routing table update feeds from RON nodes, in order to display real-time measurements of path quality in the wide-area Internet.  I should add that the whole effort took about 5-6 days, which explains the hack-y code; and that Dave also hacked on this a bit after I was done with it.

Source code (Perl)