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Sensor Network Deployment

Posted on the March 13th, 2003 under Sensor Networks by

With a bit of help of other grad students from MIT Sensor Technologies group (MIST), I have deployed a 55-node wide-area sensor network testbed of Mica2 motes running TinyOS. I actually deployed this testbed three times, the first time in Tech Square 200 (which our building was still called LCS), the second time after our move to CSAIL, and the third time in order to equip our sensor nodes with enclosures. I also developed a toolset for programming the nodes and collecting experimental results.

A wireless sensor node in a custom-made enclosure tucked away on the shelf.

Sensors are exposed through the port in the sensor node enclosure.

The open case reveals the sensor node attached to the reprogramming board. This board was used to reprogram the nodes and collect experimental results over Ethernet. Of course, nodes in sensor networks "in the wild" would run on batteries and use wireless communication only.

Closeup: the Mica2 mote (left) and the sensor board (right) with light, temperature, and sound level sensors.