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Intel Research at Berkeley

Posted on the May 13th, 2004 under Internships,Sensor Networks by

I had interned at Intel Research at Berkeley in the summer of 2004, under the supervision of Dr. Wei Hong. I started some work on sensor network monitoring which, later, has resulted in a paper of failure detection in wireless environments. I have also collaborated with a number of outstanding researchers, such as Joe Hellerstein, David Culler, David Gay, and many others, many of the original developers of TinyOS and subsequent developers at ArchRock . I have participated in the early stages of deploying a sensor network to monitor the Intel production facilities in Hillsboro, OR. We were also let into Intel’s top-secret D1D research plant, and remember watching the production line for what, I’m guessing, later became known as Core2Duo x86 processors, in total awe. I have finished the summer and received the highest commendation in my end-of-internship evaluation.