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Modding Sonic Impact T-Amp Stereo Amplifier

Posted on the November 11th, 2005 under Hardware by

I modded a D-class digital amplifier (a Sonic Impact 5066) to improve the fidelity of low frequency sound. By adding two of beefy polypropylene capacitors in the preamp stage, I made the little power efficient amp sing like a top-notch, high-end amp worth many multiples of the original price ($40). I also replaced the original enclosure with something a bit more stylish, replaced the potentiometer by a vastly better one by Noble, and upped the DC power brick amperage to be able to drive my speakers better. Combined with two Titan bookshelf speakers by Paradigm, this setup sounds good.   To date, I was not able to find a high-end setup that was able to beat this combo’s performance so far in listening tests, no matter the price.  I think this has to do with the quality of the components and how well the amp characteristics match those of the speakers.

Out of the box, T-Amp is cheap and plastic-y looking

Out of the box, T-Amp is cheap and plastic-y looking

The rear panel of the unboxed T-Amp

This is the diagram of the so-called "stealth mod" by Audio1st

My modded T-Amp...ahh, much better. Love the industrial look of unpolished metal, and its contrast with the shiny knob.

A look inside. Note the large, high-quality polypropylene capacitors.