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Embodied Intelligence

Posted on the May 13th, 2002 under Artificial Intelligence,Classwork by

This was a class by Rod Brooks that dealt with programming artificial intelligence for computing agents existing in a larger environment, and equipped with sensors and actuators. It was a class full of fascinating lectures and interesting homeworks. For the final project, I have foregone the default choice of making a dumb little robot, and instead did something I always wanted to try: I tried evolving a genetic algorithm-based artificial intelligence for a multiplayer game bot.  I did this within a framework of one of the most popular online games of all time:  Valve Software’s Counter-Strike.  To simulate artificial living organisms, I augmented a bunch of Counter-Strike player clients with “vision” and “control” interfaces, and spent a week in the lab breeding increasingly more sophisticated bots by pitting them in matches against one another. In the end, of course, the open-endedness and the complexity of the game made it hard to create a truly intelligent bot, but the evolutionary system did make a lot of progress towards achieving the goals of the game.

Considerable difficulty in the implementation of this class project stemmed from the fact that the architecture of Counter-Strike 1.6, the game, was never designed to allow anything remotely like bot AI programming.  I had to learn and use the Half-Life SDK and some third-party tools, and integrate it with my genetic algorithm breeding system.   I think the total development time was about two weeks, and I really felt like I accomplished a lot in that time.

Counter-Strike AI Project Report

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