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Android Software Development Workshop

Posted on the June 4th, 2009 under Android,Talks,Teaching by

In June of 2009, I traveled with a delegation of MIT professors to visit Quanta Corporation in Taiwan.   My job was to deliver a presentation about Google’s Android as a software development platform.

Having been an avid developer for the Android platform from its very early days, and having demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm for Google’s Android mobile platform,  I was recommended for this job by Professor Hal Abelson.

The trip to Taiwan with the delegation of ten or so Computer Science professors from CSAIL , and a handful of other graduate students, was an amazing experience.  I was impressed by whatever parts of Quanta’s main campus I was able to see, as well as the organization and hospitality of our hosts.

Since then, Quanta has showed off an Android-based Smartbook, and I can only hope that some parts of my workshop were useful in its fruition.  Regardless, I think the slide deck came together well, and I am happy to share it with you.

Take a look at the workshop slides below.

Android Lecture 1

Android Lecture 2

Android Lecture 3

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RE:Public for Google Android

Posted on the May 9th, 2008 under Android,Classwork by

RE:Public was a prototype mobile social network program I co-developed in Hal Abelson’s Android development class with Irene Duke and Robert Rudd.  It was a rather large project that was packed with ideas and features, and was a ton of fun to develop.   RE:Public made it to the top 100 applications out of over 1700 submissions entered in Google’s Android Design Challenge 1, but did not make it to the top 50.  Nonetheless, we received a lot of praise and encouragement from both Hal Abelson and Rich Miner, one of the fathers of the Android platform.

Here’s the YouTube video of our final presentation that is quite self-explanatory:

Here’s a scan of the article in the Popular Science magazine about our class:

The Popular Science article about RE:Public