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BU Computer Graphics Group

Posted on the September 1st, 1997 under Organizations by

In 1997, I co-founded Boston University Student Computer Graphics group (BUGG), together with Chris Abernethy, Natasha Tatarchuk, Alex Vlachos, and Dean Radcliffe.  I served for a year as its vice-president.  We gave a series of lectures about computer graphics (graphics engines, hardware accelerators), 3D engines (Doom and Quake), 3D modeling and animation (3D Studio, Lightwave and Truespace).

Interestingly, many friends who shared my interest in computer graphics and attended BUGG,  went on along with yours truly to formally study the subject in classes taught by Professor Stan Sclaroff.  Then, some went on to fairly prominent positions in the computer graphics industry.  Here are some examples.  Alex Vlachos, Natasha Tatarchuk and Chris Oat were at ATI Labs and were partially responsible for producing the excellent ATI technology demos (including the one with Ruby).  Alex then went on to work on Drake’s Fortune’s engine renderer, and is now working at Valve Software, adding cool shader-based effects to their graphics engine. Dan Baker worked for the Direct3D team at Microsoft for a while, and is currently working on Civilization 5 at Firaxis.

I have also always loved computer graphics and continue to do so, however my professional development took a different path since I realized that I am even more compelled by computer networks and distributed systems.

All I have remaining from those times are some rather crudely put together announcement posters:

BUGG Poster 1

BUGG Poster 2