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Software Business class at Sloan

Posted on the December 9th, 2007 under Business,Classwork,Sloan,Software by

This was yet another great class I took at Sloan with the wonderful and famous professor Michael Cusumano.  We had a ton of great invited speakers, and I have learned a lot about the software business. For the mid-term presentation, I collaborated with a team of (mostly) software managers and talked about the psychological aspects of software development and managing international teams. For the final presentation, I got together with a bunch of very bright classmates and we wrote a paper analyzing the mobile software market — well, this was just before Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android have started turning things around. Our report was the only one in the class that earned an A 😎

Global Software Engineering Methods and Delivery

The Future of Mobile Software

New Enterprises class at Sloan

Posted on the May 9th, 2007 under Business,Classwork,Sloan by

New Enterprises was a class I took at Sloan School of Management, taught by Professor Noubar Afeyan.  This class was on the subject of starting and running a business.  It had a lot of emphasis on venture capital, which is unsurprising because Professor Afeyan is one of the partners at Flagship Ventures.  Its other focus was on writing business plans.

I collaborated with a “Sloanie” (Justin Ashton) to develop a business plan for an online fashion magazine called Stylus.  It was not my top choice of a project either, but I was in it to learn. The magazine was a photo-heavy online affair with direct links to online stores where one could immediately purchase the clothes they liked.  We also wanted to create forums split along the lines of different subcultures of fashion, where stylists would hang out and dispense advice.

We had some ambitious plans for making it a tool for collecting demographics, conducting market research for new lines of clothes, and generating buzz for clothing lines from new designers. For the second phase, we planned to add in-house marketplace functionality to the magazine, where we would handle purchases, while leaving warehousing and shipping to the participating designer labels and factories. We have produced a thorough business plan and a flashy end-of-semester presentation. Feel free to take a peek at them below.

Stylus pitch

Stylus business plan

Financial Model

Financial model supplemental

Revenue Model

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