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Android Software Development Workshop

Posted on the June 4th, 2009 under Android,Talks,Teaching by

In June of 2009, I traveled with a delegation of MIT professors to visit Quanta Corporation in Taiwan.   My job was to deliver a presentation about Google’s Android as a software development platform.

Having been an avid developer for the Android platform from its very early days, and having demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm for Google’s Android mobile platform,  I was recommended for this job by Professor Hal Abelson.

The trip to Taiwan with the delegation of ten or so Computer Science professors from CSAIL , and a handful of other graduate students, was an amazing experience.  I was impressed by whatever parts of Quanta’s main campus I was able to see, as well as the organization and hospitality of our hosts.

Since then, Quanta has showed off an Android-based Smartbook, and I can only hope that some parts of my workshop were useful in its fruition.  Regardless, I think the slide deck came together well, and I am happy to share it with you.

Take a look at the workshop slides below.

Android Lecture 1

Android Lecture 2

Android Lecture 3

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